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Clean Room Concepts

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With Air Crafters
Clean Room Products
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Air Crafters manufactures a full line of equipment and easy to assemble modular panelized enclosures, along with ceiling systems, clean room specific lighting, motorized and non-motorized ceiling-mounted filtration modules and environmental control components. These modular enclosures effectively control, reduce and eliminate the effects of particulate contamination on your critical processes.

Air Crafters also manufactures a complete line of furniture and casework specifically designed for clean room applications. All Air Crafters equipment is manufactured of steel or stainless steel to prevent the generation of particulate contamination by installed work pieces.

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Principles of contamination control can be applied to a simple tabletop workstation to produce Class 100 levels of cleanliness, permitting the most sensitive operations to be performed within a particulate-free environment. When larger areas are required, Air Crafters also offers a complete line of modular clean rooms and enclosures to fit your specific needs and budgetary requirements that produce and ensure up to a Class 10 environment.

A question that must be addressed by users of clean spaces is: "What type of clean environment is required to produce or enhance my product or process?"

One approach is to convert an existing area into a clean room via retrofit. If a convenient sized space exists within a facility, it is often sensible to convert it, thereby realizing a substantial cost reduction.

A second approach is to purchase a pre-packaged modular clean room that can be adapted to the requirements of the process or facility within which it is to be installed.

A third approach is to analyze the process to be housed and define all specific parameters required in developing a mini-environment specifically designed to isolate your process under controlled conditions within your ambient environment, thereby reducing your facility’s operating cost and the risk of operator-introduced contamination.

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