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Clean Room Concepts

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Clean Room Products
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1.) ROOM CLEANLINESS: Expressed as a classification per Fed.Std. 209E (e.g., Class 10, Class 100, Class 1,000, Class 10,000, Class 100,000), room cleanliness levels are the basis of any clean room design. It is important to know what classification you require, since an over-designed room can be costly to build and costly to operate.

2.)ROOM TEMPERATURE/HUMIDITY: If the process is not affected by temperature/humidity conditions which fall outside of human comfort ranges, do not specify tight tolerances. A typical specification is 70 F2 and 30-70% RH. Tighter tolerance will result in unnecessarily escalated costs.

3.) LIGHTING LEVEL: A level of 100 footcandles at the work surface is more than adequate for close assembly work. Higher lighting levels are costly in terms of energy consumption and initial cost. Lower levels can be maintained by control switching.

4.) PROCESS FLOW: This deals with the process being carried out within the room. The process will dictate the materials of construction as well as the layout of the facility. If the process is general in nature, a more flexible layout is recommended. The process should be defined as completely as possible before any clean room is laid out. This sounds elementary, but a poorly defined process will result in an unsatisfactory clean room, or one in which modifications are being made before the paint is dry. A knowledgeable clean room consultant will have experience in process flow and will be able to offer valuable assistance.

Now let us investigate some of the solutions offered by Air Crafters.

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