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Clean Room Concepts

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With Air Crafters
Clean Room Products
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The CRW Series is the next step up in Air Crafters’ clean room enclosure line. Its modular assembly makes its installation extremely cost-effective. The structural frame is constructed of clear anodized architectural aluminum glazed with 1/4 inch full-light clear acrylic panels. This system provides permanent aesthetic appeal while enabling full visual monitoring of the activities or processes enclosed within.

Highly versatile, this modular system can be configured to create either entire room environments or adapted to create specific process or equipment mini-environments.

HEPA filtered air is provided by our BFM series (Motorized Blower Filter Module). You can choose from a complete line of light fixtures and ceiling systems to complete this clean envelope.

This system is available in all clean room classifications and can be designed and developed to fit your specific requirements.


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Air Crafters has developed this innovative pre-engineered clean room system that allows specification, purchase and installation of a complete hard wall modular clean environment in less than six weeks. The MCRS series modular clean envelope system features versatile modular construction allowing for easy expansion or relocation if required.

Structural load-bearing six inch wall panels are manufactured in standard 2 & 3 ft. wide sections that are 10 ft. high. Panels feature fully insulated 16ga formed steel construction, and coated with a variety of non-particulating clean room certifiable finishes on both sides. Wall panels are connected via an exclusive concealed fastening system allowing for quick installation and providing smooth flush joints where wall sections meet. This system is non progressive, allowing for easy panel removal. Return air ducting is integral to each wall panel. Return air grilles and floor mounting tracks are made from type 304 #4 stainless steel and both feature a sloped transition.

Air Crafters also offers several clean room rated ceiling grid systems into which our complete line of clean room class rated luminaires and filtration systems are mounted.

To provide up to a Class 10 environment, our BFM series (Motorized Blower Filter Module) is an integral part of this clean room system. When these components are set into place they provide a complete envelope seal, forming a totally leak-free environment.

This modular system is offered in sizes varying from 100 square feet to in excess of 1000 square feet. With Air Crafters’ MCRS recirculating clean rooms you purchase both the performance and aesthetics of a permanently built structure at half the price.


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