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Clean Room Concepts

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With Air Crafters
Clean Room Products
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Air Crafters has designed and engineered the ASET Series (Air Shower Entry System) with careful attention to user needs. This product has been specially designed to meet customer requirements for ease of installation, rugged construction and long lasting aesthetic appeal. It has been engineered for modularity offering lightweight cold roll steel or stainless steel interlocking panelized construction. Unidirectional air jet nozzles providing 6000 fpm at nozzle outputs insure complete occupant blow-off. Our specially designed and engineered programmable logic controller activates all system functions and allows for user interface in modification of functions. Our system can be assembled in half the time of traditional systems.

The development of our Modular Power Head High Pressure Air Delivery System allows our basic unit to be easily adapted for any custom configuration (tunnel assemblies, low-profile side mounted power head, left and right turn orientations, and remotely located power head) at low customer cost. We believe, and are sure you will agree, ours is the finest engineered entry system in the industry.

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This system has been designed and engineered to provide basic vertical laminar flow protection through full overhead HEPA coverage (Class 100). Its modular component system makes it highly adaptable to your specific vertical laminar flow requirements at low cost. Though offered in standard product-line configurations, this system is easily customized to fit your specific process needs.

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Since cost is typically a factor in evaluating any effort to improve the quality of the product or process, the initial investment is usually in laminar flow work stations. These may be vertical or horizontal flow units. Perhaps the most popular style is the horizontal laminar flow unit, where the air is drawn from ambient space and directed by a centrifugal blower through a HEPA filter, horizontally toward the operator seated at the front of the work station. The clean air is continually passing over the work surface and then out into the ambient atmosphere of the room. The operator is outside the work space, although the operator’s hands, suitably gloved, do extend into the clean area. The air moving into the room at a velocity of 90 fpm tends to keep any outside contamination from moving into the work area.

In a vertical laminar flow station the air is introduced from above and moves vertically downward over the work area. The air leaving the HEPA filter is quite clean; however, a shortcoming of this type of station is that an operator, leaning over the work, would tend to "shed" onto the surface. As mentioned earlier, this shedding will contaminate. Vertical work stations are used in recirculating applications, or where fumes are generated and must be removed and exhausted. It would be wise to be aware of the possible source of contamination and insure that the operator using this type of station is well trained.


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Air Crafters also offers a complete line of clean room and laboratory specific designed and engineered case work through our sister company, Lab Crafters. This high quality line is manufactured in all steel or stainless steel to provide a rugged, non-shedding storage and work area within your clean suite.

Air Crafters customers can be assured that we are dedicated to providing a full spectrum of contamination control technologies, services and equipment to meet your ever-expanding needs. Our substantial design and engineering capabilities can be brought to bear in solving the most complex clean room, clean process, custom equipment design requirements or special performance specifications. With over 45,000 square feet of manufacturing space (soon to be expanding) and fully automated production capabilities including CAD-CAM, robotics and laser technology, we can produce high-quality products at low cost ..... and deliver on time.

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